FACEIT launch $20,000 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Spring League


London, UK – 23 April, 2014 – FACEIT, in partnership with Twitch, is proud to announce the FACEIT CS:GO Spring League, with $20,000 prize purse.

Over the last month our weaponskin, the P90 created by Coridium, has been part of the Operation Phoenix weapon case. The funds raised have been used to create our League, with all of it going straight into the prize purse. Thanks to this great community effort, the support of VALVe, as well as Twitch, the prize purse is a grand total of $20,000!

Six teams will be invited, while another two will be able to qualify for the FACEIT Spring League. Over the course of four weeks, these teams will battle it out for a top spot to reach the Finals. Each match will be commentated, analyzed and reviewed live from the brand new FACEIT studio in London, all seen on FACEIT TV.

The League is set to start on 30 April, with the main season running till 21 May. The Finals are scheduled to take place on 30 May and 1 June.

Teams interested in qualifying can sign-up here:

  • Qualifier #1 (27 April) – Open for all: Sign-up
  • Qualifier #2 (28 April) – April & May Championship qualified teams + selected applicants: Email community@faceit.com to apply for qualifier

Over the coming days we will be announcing further information, such as the casting and analyzing crew and invited teams.

We have also released brand new weapons to further fund FACEIT competitions, with some great work by Coridium and Thurnip Oposto! If you want to see them in the next weapons case, vote for them on our Workshop page!