The International 5 Open Qualifiers on FACEIT

London, United Kingdom – 7 May, 2015 – History will be made this May, with the first ever The International tournament featuring open qualifiers! FACEIT will be part of this, hosting 1024-team bracket open qualifiers for various regions, giving everyone a shot at The International 5!

With the FACEIT automatic system for creating brackets, match-ups, direct server connecting from the platform and result reporting, a smooth experience will be brought to the players.

FACEIT will be hosting 1024-team open qualifiers for three regions; Europe, South East Asia and the Americas. All you have to do is call your team, friends or try build up a stack. Every player can be part of the The International 5 event and a chance to make their dreams come true.


Saturday, 16 May:

  • Check-in start time:
    • SEA: 11AM SGT
    • Europe: 11AM CEST
    • Americas: 11AM CDT
  • Qualifier Day 1 start time:
    • SEA: 1PM SGT
    • Europe: 1PM CEST
    • Americas: 1PM CDT
  • Rounds played: Round of 1024 (BO1), Round of 512 (BO1), Round of 256 (BO1), Round of 128 (BO1)

Sunday, 17 May:

  • Qualifier Day 2 start time:
    • SEA: 1PM SGT
    • Europe: 1PM CEST
    • Americas: 1PM CDT
  • Rounds played: Round of 64 (BO1), Round of 32 (BO1), Round of 16 (BO1), Quarter Finals (BO1), Semi Finals (BO3), Final (BO3)

Tournament enrollment:

To take part in the open qualifiers every player needs to register an account on FACEIT, be part of a team and register the team to the tournament.

Account registration and game region settings:

  1. Head over to and register an account
  2. After logging in to the main page, activate Dota 2 as game and verify the account
  3. Upon completion of the verification, select a region you want to play the qualifier in (EU, US – select this when playing from the Americas – or SEA)

Create a team:

  1. Click on the button “Register a Premade Team”, which you can find in the right top of the page
  2. Choose a teamname
  3. Choose a teamtag
  4. Click the “Register” button; if a team name or tag is taken already it will let the creator know and give the option to choose a different name
  5. Once registering a team is completed, players can invite their friends to their team as long as they have registered an account on the platform and have added the specific game the premade team is registered for
  6. If a player has not invited his/her friends he will not be able to search them using the “Invite player” search bar

Joining the tournament:
It will be possible to reserve a slot for your team up till 2 hours before the tournament start. The following steps must be taken by the team captain:

  1. Click on the Dota 2 game icon on the homepage to reach the game dashboard. Be sure to have selected the correct region (region selection is available under game settings in the dropdown menu top right corner)
  2. Once on the game dashboard, click on The International 5 Open Qualifier to open the tournament page
  3. Click on “Join with Premade”
  4. Choose team roster by selecting 5 players from your premade team
  5. Press confirm when a full team of 5 players has been selected
  6. Once the team has been chosen and confirmed, the team will be automatically added to the tournament

Make 100% sure to select the correct roster, as for this tournament stand-ins are not allowed. In case a team would need to change the team roster before the tournament start, the captain needs to cancel the previous registration and register again with the 5 correct players.


The check-in phase will begin 2 hours before the tournament start and during this phase captains of each team must press the “Check-in” button on the tournament page in order to confirm that their team is ready to play the tournament.

Please remember that ALL teams must check-in in order to play in the tournament. This includes teams which reserved slots to the tournament before the check-in phase started. Any teams which have not checked in 30 minutes before the tournament is set to start will be removed. This allows other teams which are ready and willing to play to join and check-in to the tournament


The full set of rules is available on the tournament page of each qualifier.

During the tournament:

Every time a match is ready, every player needs to go into the match room via the tournament page. Once the server is configured, the players will need to click on ‘’PLAY’’ button on the match page and will be directly launched into the server.

Questions and feedback:

If any participant has any questions, issues or wants to give feedback, please email to FACEIT will have a full admin team working on answering questions and will do their best to assist each player.



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